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End Small Paper Cups Cool Fanshan Agricultural Firm Power-free Tea Aug 03, 2016

Recently, the rural commercial bank branch in Fanshan leader walked into Ford's Bay Street, More>>

Can Disposable Cups In The Microwave? Aug 03, 2016

Disposable paper cups into high temperature resistant not resistant to high temperatures and if you can bear high More>>

Paper Cup Attention Aug 03, 2016

the first glass of water it is best not to drink, first boiled and water drained after four or More>>

Paper Cup How To Pick Aug 03, 2016

when selecting disposable paper cups, don't just look at paper cups of white color is not white More>>

Inferior Paper Cups To Be Careful Cause Cancer Aug 03, 2016

Paper cups for water results in production, will be coated with a layer of polyethylene water film on the inner wall. Polyethylene is safer chemicals in food processing, More>>

Paper Cup Against Aug 03, 2016

The uneven quality of disposable cups in the market, and disasters. Some paper manufacturers in order to make the glass look more white, More>>

Cup History Aug 03, 2016

In 1932, the first waxing only come out two pieces of paper cups, its smooth surface can be printed on a variety of More>>

Paper Cup Features Aug 03, 2016

light weight, preventing breakage. Compared with glass cups, paper cups light weight, and no risk of breakage More>>

Classification Of Paper Cups Aug 03, 2016

Paper Cup is divided into single-sided PE coated paper cups and double side PE coated paper Cup More>>

Paper Cup Aug 03, 2016

Paper cups are made of wood pulp paper (white board), machined, glued a paper done by containers, More>>

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