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Preparing Your Artwork For Print Mar 01, 2017

Pantone,print,artwork More>>

Branded Paper Cups To Run A Successful Coffee Shop Jan 17, 2017

The four most important factors when starting up or running a successful coffee shop are location, branding, the quality of products and packaging, and customer service.Branded Paper Cups and Quality of Productare the most important factor to run a successful coffe shop More>>

Pando Jan 09, 2017

Zhejiang Pando EP Technology Co., Ltd, it is specialized in paper making, composite producing coating, printing, machinery manufacturing and food package produces. It has been the leader in food packaging in China. More>>

Christmas Time Beause Of A Lovely Paper Cup Dec 21, 2016

We provided innovative packaging solutions to support the new product development, promotion campaign as well as packaging updating, the customer can use WeChat to scan code, may be he can get a big surprise in his Christmas, it is interesting and happiness because of this little lovely paper cups. More>>

Flexo Printing Dec 12, 2016

Flexo printing is the main printing technologies used in packaging. Flexo printing works well with a variety of substrates and fast-drying inks, making it ideal for packaging printing. It is widely used in the production of newspapers, disposable cups, paper cups, wallpaper. More>>

PLA Paper Cup Dec 05, 2016

The global demand for plastic product is immense and the heavy consumption that causes problematic plastic waste has created destructive impact to the environment. PLA now becomes a popular packaging material due to the awareness of Saving Nature. As always being ahead of the market, Pando provides biodegradable PLA paper cups that are now available to replace the most common plastic cups. The idea behind PLA paper cups is to reduce plastic waste to the polluted environment. More>>

How To Make Paper Cup Using Origami Dec 01, 2016

paper cup, origami paper cup More>>

Eating And Playing——The Funning Paper Bucket Of Pando Nov 29, 2016

paper bucket, chicken bucket, side poly coated paper bucket, double side poly coated bucket, Funning Paper Bucket More>>

PLA Paper Cup Nov 28, 2016

As a leading, responsible paper cups manufacturer, Pando is dedicated to developing environmental friendly and sustainable packaging materials. More>>

What Is PLA Nov 25, 2016

PLA stands for Polylactic acid and is made from corn starch. Lactic acid is made from Dextrose by fermentation. Dextrose is made from corn starch, and corn starch is made from carbon dioxide and water. PLA can be formed into a variety of products. Corn plastic products look and feel like traditional petroleum-based plastic, but they are 100% biodegradable and compostable. More>>

A Brief History Of The Disposable Paper Cup Nov 18, 2016

If you're going to follow the history of disposable coffee cups, you have to begin with the history of disposable water cups. More>>

Paper Cup Recycling Question Nov 11, 2016

Paper cups are coated with a plastic or wax lining to add temperature control, leak control and durability.It performs a simple task but can be complicated for people who want to recycle. More>>

The Significance Of Paper Cups Supplier Nov 03, 2016

A paper cup as the name suggests is a cup . However the main benefit that it’s easily disposable and environmental friendly. More>>

Six Ways To Reuse Coffee Paper Cups Oct 31, 2016

Once the coffee has been drained from those cups, garbage remains. Lots of garbage, billions of takeout coffee paper cups are thrown away every year. There are indeed a few ways to upcycle coffee paper cups. Try these six projects. More>>

Serve On Paper Cup Or Plastic Cup? Oct 27, 2016

It's so warm to have a cup of hot coffee in a cold winter day. Which one do you accept usually when drinking coffee, paper cup or plastic cup? Maybe some people do not care the cups while some may think it's more environmental by using paper cup than by plastic cup. More>>

New Trend Of Wholesale Market For Disposable Cups Cups Three Criteria Can Not Be Overlooked Aug 03, 2016

how to buy disposable paper cups. Currently on the market are mainly three kinds of disposable cups, More>>

​The Harmful Of Poor Quality Paper Cup Nov 20, 2017

Disposable cups on the market which have different qualities with greater risk. In order to make the cup look more white, some paper cups manufacturers add fluorescent to make it brightener. Fluorescent materials can make cells produce variation, once into the human body will become a potential carcinogenic factors. More>>